Wall Art FAQ old

What is an art print?
A high resolution artwork which is printed on thick, premium paper.  
Are frames included when I purchase Wall Art? 
You may choose to purchase an artwork with or without a frame. 
How do I purchase an artwork with a frame? 
You need to select a frame from the available options. These are displayed on each artwork’s product page. Simply click the ‘Add to order’ button. 
If I purchase only an art print, without a frame, how will it be delivered? 
You will receive an artwork printed on high quality, thick premium paper. The print will be packed in a brown tube. 
If I select a frame for my artwork, how will it be delivered? 
Your art print will be inserted into the frame and a complete, framed artwork will be delivered. 
Why are the art prints and frames sold separately? 
There are various reasons. Since we have a large, growing range of artworks, we want to offer you maximum flexibility. If you already have a frame, you may always purchase only a new print when re-decorating. 
Can I purchase a frame only, without the art print? 
Yes, please click here to view our frame collection. 
Can I display an art print on my wall without a frame? 
This is possible using adhesive or two-way tape. However, we do not recommend this as frames protect the artwork from dust and other unwanted matter. A frame also creates a complete, distinct look for your artwork. 
Can you assist with creating my own gallery wall? 
Yes. Please click here to send us your requirements and we will work on a design proposal for you. 
Can I visit your warehouse in Pretoria to purchase Wall Art? 
Yes. However, please note we do not keep physical prints of every artwork on display as there are simply too many pieces. If there is a particular item you would like to view, please contact us here